1: How this all got started you ask?

Well, it didn’t. It never left me. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved with sketching.
• drawing under tables in 2nd grade.
• drawing on tables in 7th...
• drawing for extra credit...
• drawing on student bodies...
• drawing attention wherever.
not to mention, phone-books, notepads, textbooks, even bathroom walls were pretty much covered with any scribbles possibly imagined.
As soon as my markers ran dry, so did I. I decided that school was no longer a challenge.

Because society has made it nearly impossible for one to survive successfully without a degree or diploma, I had no choice but to finish school. So, I fast-forwarded that part by ending my high school one year short and graduating Parsons in 3.

I came to New York, because Texas was simply not an option.
I believe that most artists here in New York were all once a reject of some-sort in their home town. :)

2: How’s life after school?

Still the same.

3: How’s working as an artist?

Brilliant. It’s never been better. It just keeps getting better.
I don’t just draw because it’s work. I do it because it keeps me going. It's my life. Without it, I'll just be SUPER bored!

4: As a career?

Animation was something that I’ve always wanted to sink myself into, but I was also very attracted to the fashion world. I originally wanted to get myself into designing clothing and accessories, but when I realized that I was continuously drawn to animation and writing...
the idea of ‘fashion’ just seemed so 'reserved'.
Now, stuck in-between the worlds of Calvin Klein, MTV, and hopeful Feature Animation, I believe the ultimate challenge for me is to show my drawings the way I’ve always seen them...
...come to life that is.


1: The Art and the Artist...

I don’t usually see my drawings describing myself. I wouldn’t even know how to describe myself really. I believe the drawings that I create tells a story of a previous life.
Most pedestrians and art-critics of some sort search for symbolic meanings behind the art; spending hours and hours burying words into the artists' grave. I’m just simply searching for another good movie. I don't analyze much about the work I do, nor question them. To me, it's just visually orgasmic.

2: What’s my inspiration?

I never did answer that question correctly.
Right about now? Nothing is inspiring me.
I haven’t been able to get much sleep.
Sleep is something I find very inspiring, I guess. See, I dream alot. I find alot of what I create existed in dreams I've had.
I once believed that the works of Dali, Mucha, or Vargas were inspirational, but I later realized that I never knew who they were until I came across a drawing of theirs and drooled over it, only because it reminded me of something that is my own.

3: Fact?

Fact is, all the images that I create are simply just another time missile strapped along the description of what society is about today. i.e: power, beauty, violence, religion & of course, sex.

personal favorites:------------------------------------------

3 Paintings/images that I awe most.. and why?

• my military police 1994 MP collection-
shown at Sound Factory [Under Gallery Section]
reason: an eternal fascination :
black clothing
kinda ... Darth Vader!

• self destruction- a Nazi marionette killing itself.
[artwork not shown here]
reason: because it did.

• gasp- man with gas mask; in light bulb form.
[artwork not shown here]
reason: holding on to the last bit of light left inside him.

–– based on interview from Ooh la la; CityTV Network.
Show clipping QT 2.2M ©1998 CITY TV
Toronto, CANADA.