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biO History

Q: How do you pronounce your last name?

©: Call (e) --- as in Phone "CALL".

Q: How old are you?

©: I am over 21. And younger than you think. :)


medium + softwares

Q: What medium do you use for your work?

©: all kinds. whatever works.

Q: Do you create everything on computer? If so, what programs do you use?

©: since 1996. my actual drawing table has not been cleaner. everything is now done on computer, except for the pencil sketches -or- inking. i import my pencil -or- inked work into Adobe Photoshop -or- Painter and do most of my coloring and renderings.For current stepxstep tutorial with featured articles + interviews, check out Draw! Magazine Issue #6 at: drawmagazine.com.

Q: What school did you got to, to get the skills you have now?

©: none at the moment. i've been truly blessed.. i've loved sketching on my own time, my own subjects ever since i can remember. Going to school didn't teach me how to draw, but more so, helped me sharpen my skills.
As with computers, a good friend i used to work with, introduced me to the world of digital medium! he's my Jedi Master, OBen :)
i am forever grateful... – thank u Ben Veronis! XXL

Q: Can you recommend any good Art Schools?

©: Depending on what you like to study... remember, illustrations is taught within yourself. here's a few you can look intoArt Schools to check out:
PARSONS: School of Design NYC - LA - PARIS [Fashion/Product Design]
SVA : School of Visual Arts NYC [Illustration/Fine Art/ Computer Animation]
CAL ARTS: California Institute of the Arts Santa Clarita CA [Animation]
RHODE ISLAND: School of Design Rhode Island [Illustration]
CCAD: Columbus College of Art & Design OH
ST.MARTINS: College of Art and Design UK [Fine Art]
FIND YOUR ART SCHOOL: Find an Art School nearest you [SEARCH]
TUTOR HUNT: Find an Art Tutor nearest you [SEARCH]
if you think there are any good art schools that we should list here, please tell us!


origiNaL+PriNts for seLL

Q: do you have any ORIGINAL PAINTINGS for sell and how much are they going for?

©: unfortunately there are no recent original paintings for sell at the moment.
however, if you like to commission a piece, original paintings start at $3000.00 and up (depending on size+ work). murals and personal request paintings can be discussed.
if you are still interested, please email us.


Q: Can I buy PRINTS of your work and how much does it cost?

©: Yes.. A few selected prints are added to the PiTSTOP! SHOP

[] FOR CUSTOM PRINTS: any images you wish to own, can be printed (+signed) according to your desire. the prints will be custom made for you. prices vary depending on size and material you wish to have it printed on.
[starting with approx 14”x17” prints - without frame]
ciba-chrome/ c-print (beautifully CG gloss-or- matte photo+color perfect) :
$ 250.-$500. and up
giclee on canvas/ rag paper/water color paper (almost like real painting) :
$ 150.-$200. and up
if you are still interested, please email us.


shoppiNG items+store
–where to fiNd?

Q: Do you have a shop where we can buy items of your work? like t-shirts and things?

©: YES! For T-shirts.. Tote bags.. and more at » CaféPress «


Q: Where can I find more of your published work? And how will I know when it’s out?

©: you don’t. just have to search. very sorry :(
for updates and recent published work, you can always find it in the editorial section.
or go to News section for some of the latest projects and updates.


RequestiNG PermissiON...

Q: We are requesting permission for use of your work for, web sets, calling cards, tubes, signature tags /siggies for personal use of the group/link ware use. Your copyright information and your web address would also be included.

©: Thank you so much for your interest! I deeply cherish your visits to the site, and encourage everyone to view my work as often as they wish. Unfortunately, I have never been comfortable with anyone manipulating my work to their own benefits. Therefore, I do not grant permission of these alternative "Sig-Tag" non-profit uses at this time. Please kindly understand and respect my wishes (as I know you will).
I *SINCERELY* appreciate your consideration. If you feel the need to expatiate on your 'non-profit' use, please feel free to write me and I just might reconsider. :)

For more information on these rights and uses on Celia's work, please go to:
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Website: LiNks + WaLLpapers

Q: Do you have a mailing list? Can I receive free goodies and updates from you?

©: Follow me on Facebook! and/or Instagram


Q: How often do you update your site?

©: Not often enough. But the "News" section is updated periodically.


Q: Can I link your site to mine and do you have any banners I can get from you?

©: please do, you can find old school link page.



©: Though outdated. Because of the overwhelming requests, we decided to end the "link-exchange". It becomes ENDLESS and Pointless for what we are trying to support. However, if you like to submit your site to us, we'd be grateful to review it!


PortfOLiO-Reviews & Advices

Q: Can you review my work?
Q: Can you critique my work

©: If it makes you feel any better, please feel free to send what you wish. Because of my limited time, I will do my best to respond promptly. Please do not take it personally if I don't get to reply.

©: Keep in mind, I'm not the best choice to spot critique, as you will soon understand, asking another "Artist" for critique is almost like asking Michael Jackson critique Eminem. You see? ;) Your best bet, are with Creative/Art Director /Designers.

Q: I'm trying to market myself in Illustration. Do you have any advice for me?

©: Anything is better than sitting at home, mope about your talent.
• You should set up a Website for yourself. Free listings & Submissions are available with GOOGLE.com, FOLIOPLANET.com, COROFLOT.com etc.
• You can also check on many ON-LiNE Reps & get yourself listed at an affordable price (e.g., ALTPICK.com, theiSPOT.com, WorkBook.com, BlackBook.com/ etc.)
• Socail Media, Business cards, Postcards, Promo/ Portfolio kits are all very helpful.

It's also good for you to reach out locally. A small gallery/art display at a bar/coffee shop can also attract potential clients. Sure, you hear "it's all about 'who you know' and 'networking'". But ultimately, it is about your talent. So, don't underestimate the public.
Keep your options & mind open (and your pencils, sharpened). =)


Q: What advice do you have for starting out artists aspiring to become Illustrators?

©: A part-time job isn't so bad. Don't be so high & mighty about yourself!
To TRULY LOVE what it is that you do & do it for the right reasons.
......................and just, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" :)



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Many Thanks!
+ Best