Dismiss any preconceived ideas of fine art as you step into the mindset of Celia Calle. Calle's art aesthetic is strangely alluring and undeniably powerful. Her awesome images are ominous, commanding, sometimes warped, but always spiced with a generous injection of humor, in keeping with the artist's effervescent personality.

Born in Boston, MA, raised by aliens, Celia Calle’s passion in creativity was distinct at a very early age. Her inspirations arrives from a wide range of collective entities, from selective works of Salvador Dali's surrealist reality to graphic novel art; from classic films to mainstream worlds of Fashion; underground music to old school animation.

After moving to New York in 1993 to study at Parsons School of Design, Calle originally intended to pursue a career in costume and accessory design, but she was continuously drawn to fine art and illustration.
Upon graduation with a BFA and Design Scholarship Awards for outstanding student in Fashion Design, The NYC-based artist worked on expanding her portfolio of artwork. Calle was commissioned to illustrate wall-size posters for Jean-Paul Gaultier showroom, as well as working with designers Calvin Klein Collection, Tommy Hilfiger and portfolio presentations with numerous design firms. She then decided to exhibit her work publicly.

Calle exhibited in New York's legendary Sound Factory nightclub in October 1994. The response was so over whelming she was invited to put on another show just three months later. The shows piqued the interest of the press and led to Calle-illustrated fashion essays in several magazines as well with MTV Networks, multiple publications with ESPN Sports Magazine. Calle’s latest ad campaigns with Adidas Euro2000, Nike, Pepsi Sport, and Coors, is just the beginning of her long term goals and ambition.

Having recently completed a series of cover art for DC Comics mini-series “American Virgin (Issues #15-23)”, and cover art for Virgin Comics "John Woo's 7 Brothers" and "Dave Stewart's Walk-In", Calle continues on with her mad skills in Editorial and Commercial work alike,. as she currently works on her own comics and seeking opportunities in creating a fresh look in traditional animation with cgi medium which she says, “will somehow bring the characters that's been living in my mind to life”...

–– JuneJoseph contributingwriterPAPER